I Will Never Go Into Medicine

Over the course of my life, I have spent a significant amount of time in hospitals and doctor’s offices and in the presence of medical personnel.

I am a disease and accident prone child, as misfortune would have it, and that is evidenced by my medical records, some parts of which you have even read in my “Death By:____” series. 

And, while I appreciate and acknowledge all the great people who work with medicine, I am adamant that I will never be one of them.

Reason 1: doctors and nurses do some ga-rody stuff. I am not all about getting my hands dirty with human fluids. Ech.

Reason 2: patients would either irritate me or I’d be uncomfortable because I don’t know them. I mean, I’m not a bad people person, but my bedside manner would definitely be sub-par.

Reason 3: math. Just no. They do formulas and tests and math-y things. Also, med school? Naaaahh.

Reason 4: the times I would have to deliver bad news. Depending on the field, that definitely varies, but it’s still a thing and I couldn’t deal with it.

So, yeah. That’s basically all I got. Also, sorry this is late, I started it yesterday and then plays and shoes of death (another story) and yeah.

Anyway! Take it easy, love people, be nice. 🙂

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