Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we find your scripts? “Snow White and Rose Red” is published with Pioneer Drama Company. Link. “High Seas and Misdemeanors” is published with Scripts for Stage. Link.

What’s the plan for Suo GânIt’s reached its final form, most probably. I’ve now built a world around the characters & events in “Suo Gân,” and am writing the first book in that series (yes, series!) is my current project. “Suo Gân”will likely sit and wait for a while. I’m hopeful to release it as a prequel novella at some point, if and when the series goes anywhere.

Are you done with The Psychnomast? Short answer: yes. Long answer: The Psychnomast was, for all intents and purposes, a training-wheels project for me. I do genuinely love it – it represents so many firsts for me. My first novel, my first foray into world- and character-building, my first big project and challenge. And I put so much work into it! From start to finish, it took me almost four years to get it to where it is today. The reality is, though, it’s not some amazing work of art. I’ve completed it to the extent it will be completed. I’m playing around with the idea of making a final few edits and self-publishing it (both to learn how that process works in case I want to pursue it in the future and to let The Psychnomast see some readers), but it’s on the far, far back burner. If it happens, I will be sure to update you.

Are you thinking of publishing your work? If so, traditional publishing or self publishing? I do fully intend to publish my work. Writing professionally is a huge goal for me, and I have been actively working toward it for the past five(ish) years. I have not yet decided which publishing route I would prefer to try to start out.

If I ever do anything with The Psychnomast, I will self publish it. With the current series, who knows? My goal at the moment is to finish the first book in time to have it out to agents by next Christmas (circa December 2022) and see if that goes anywhere. But if self publishing begins to look like a more viable and/or smarter option, I’m not opposed to going in that direction. We shall see which way the wind blows.

When can we expect more fictional writing posts, and why have they been so sparse? I try to alternate what kind of things I post. I have an extremely vague and amorphous system: approximately 2 personal posts to every writing/snippet post, and book reviews whenever I post one to Goodreads. Of course, with my somewhat nebulous posting “schedule,” that’s not much of an answer … but as life is often unpredictable, so is the frequency with which I will share my authorial machinations with this blog.

Why do you leave up all your posts from when you were really young? I often choose odd hills to die on, hills that no one else even views as a hill. Hills that other, more balanced people look at and go, “Emma? That’s, like, an open meadow. It’s so flat, you could direct air traffic to it.” One of these hills is the refusal to delete my online content after the fact. Tweets, Facebook statuses, the very existence of my Tumblr, and, yes, these blog posts. I sort of like the growth that it shows. If you look at a blog post from 2015 and one from now, there is very obvious growth there: as a person, as a writer, in the blog itself. I like that clear representation of the ever-evolving nature of myself, yeah, but also of people in general. It feels disingenuous to me to delete real parts of who I am and how I’ve changed for the mere reason of “well, it’s kind of embarrassing.” Besides, who wasn’t cringey beyond all belief at age 14? If nothing else, we can cringe and laugh together, and that’s valuable in its own right.

Can we ask you stuff? Like, less publicly than in the comment section? Yep. If, for some reason, I’m the one you feel inclined to talk to about something, or send a business inquiry to (yes please), or say “hey I love you and you’re amazing and talented”, I have a blog email set up at so feel free to contact me there. For social media, consult my contact page.