I Found It!

After much toil, sweat, and just short of tears, my phone was found yesterday at approximately 2:14 p.m., after having been missing just under 24 hours. I looked everywhere possible, at least three times. I cleaned the kitchen and living room very, very thoroughly looking for my phone. I don’t think you understand me when I say … More I Found It!


Okay, here’s the deal: Somewhere between the truck in the driveway and the bed I am sitting in right now, my phone has gone missing. *sirens wail* *glass shatters* *a cat shrieks* See, I’m playing this cool, but I’m high-key freaking out. I have checked literally every place I may have set it or it may … More I LOST IT.

Vignettes: The Bow

Okay, side note before we begin: I’ve been hired as a lifeguard. So, basically, 1) I need to buy clarifying shampoo and sunscreen in bulk, and 2) if I don’t pass my training, (which, currently, passing looks promising) it will be totally anti-climactic, given that I scored a job. Anyway! I can’t remember if I’ve … More Vignettes: The Bow

Home, Sick, Bored.

Okay, so, update on the sickness of death I mentioned earlier: I have strep. That’s fun. They gave me antibiotics, though, and now I feel like 98% better. I woke up and I was like, “Whoa. What is this? Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?” Well, no, but you know what … More Home, Sick, Bored.

It’s Spring Break

And guess where I am? At home! Which I’m actually totally chill with, to be honest. I’m getting some writing done, my room is clean, I’m getting enough sleep. Kind of the ideal Spring Break. Except for mom’s house cleaning chain gang, but that’s even alright. In other news, I’ve discovered “Galavant.” It’s like my … More It’s Spring Break