Goodbye 2016

I considered waiting until midnight to post this, but decided against it, seeing as that would technically be a day late. Anyhow, who’s sad to see 2016 go? I’m not, particularly. 2016’s been a tough year for everyone, it seems. And not just on the surface, what with the numerous celebrity deaths, the grueling Presidential … More Goodbye 2016

Maui, Day One

So, we spent seven hours traveling yesterday and another five and a half today, so you didn’t get a post yesterday. However, I got some lovely pictures of a sunset while we sat for two hours waiting for our rental car, which I’ll post at a later date. The wifi is being unreliable right now … More Maui, Day One


I’m done with a very, very rough draft of that one-act I told you about. I’m planning on adding some songs, which ones and who they’re by is yet to be determined, but I think I’m coming along at a decent clip. Unfortunately, that means draft two of The Psychnomast is being neglected. It’s pretty … More Script!

The Hidden Ten

I am currently sitting in my room, newly decorated for Christmas. It feels me with a special joy. Also, Santana came to our house today, seeing as it’s Saint Nicholas’s Day, and we’re out of town on Christmas, so that was fun. Anyway, about the hidden ten: I was around nine or ten, and I … More The Hidden Ten