I am NOT a Flower.

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted about a) bees and b) the glaringly obvious fact that I have red hair. So, I figured, why not both? This wasn’t just an arbitrary decision. It was spurred by a horrible reminder I had this weekend that I should never go outside. So, last weekend … More I am NOT a Flower.

Ticks need to die.

I live in a great place. All four seasons: bucketloads of snow in the winter, sweltering heat in the summer, lots of rain in spring–it’s all extremely enjoyable. But wanna know my very favorite part of living in this veritable paradise? TICKS. Do you understand the little earth-crawling demon-monsters that ticks are? You literally can’t … More Ticks need to die.

My Next Steps

See, that title is ironic, because this is yet another post about my foot. I seem to be unable to talk about anything else. Constant pain does that, I hear. Anywho, I’ve been going to Physical Therapy for like a month, now, and at my last appointment my PT basically said, “I want to see … More My Next Steps