I, like most children, had a serious bee-phobia. Actually, I was more afraid of wasps, but I didn’t understand the distinction. I mostly grew out of the fear, but I still sometimes panic when there are a lot of wasps around, even though I haven’t been stung in years. I used to even be slightly … More Bees

Trouble with Trains

I had a swim meet yesterday. I rushed my Mom out the door, causing her to forget her chair and myself to forget my towel…which is rather unfortunate… But one thing was going right: we were doing fine for time! Just dandy! It looked like I might even be early! We came to a stoplight, … More Trouble with Trains

Baby Rabies

I suffer from Baby Rabies. For those of you unfamiliar with this very serious medical condition, here’s a brief definition for you:                                                                 Baby … More Baby Rabies

I Blog Now

Hi there! I won’t dilly-dally with a lot of “I do this and that and blah-blah-blah.” That’s all on my “about” page. What I will do is tell you a thing or two more about my book that I’m writing, and what will (maybe probably I’m-still-figuring-it-out) go on this blog. I’m about eighty-five pages into my book, … More I Blog Now