Reconstruction, Part 4

Last part. Short and sweet. Hope you like it! 😀   Matthias quickly cancelled going on the bus to Park City and loaded his measly two boxes into the bed of “my” truck. We started driving. I shot Matthias the occasional sidelong glance. Finally, I cleared my throat. “I’m glad you’re alive, Matthias. Like, really … More Reconstruction, Part 4

I Had a Dream

So, for English, we had to write down our dreams that we had in between last Friday and Tuesday, and then we were to analyze them. I had this one. It was purty good … Purty good.   I woke up and rubbed my eyes. Out of my window, I saw fat flakes of snow … More I Had a Dream

Christmas Tree Tour

I’m sick, and I always have the very best ideas when I’m sick. Also it’s Christmastime, so, like, all of my posts for the next few weeks will be Christmas-y. Before I get started on the actual introduction to this post, I believe I need to adress something; I DECORATED THE BLOG FOR CHRISTMAS. There are Christmas … More Christmas Tree Tour