I’m supposed to be writing right now. I mean, I know, I am currently writing, in that I have my laptop out and I’m typing words into a word processing software and those words will be read by you. But I’m supposed to be actually writing right now. I was asked by my publisher of the “Amelia Brighton” … More Blocked

Bitter Birthday

Today is my brother’s birthday! The one immediately younger than me, not one of the others. He’s turning 15. He’s gonna start driver’s ed soon. Next thing you know, he’ll be moving out! Ridiculous. I’m happy. And I got him a super awesome present. And his cake is gonna be yum. (Orange chiffon. Fancy, right? … More Bitter Birthday

I’m Going Soft

(Note the day. And the time. (As I write, it is 1:50 pm.) Yes, that’s right – I am writing a blog post. On a posting day. At a reasonable hour. Thank you, thank you.) It is not a secret that I despise spiders. Big ones, small ones, the google image results for “cute spider.” All the spiders. We are not chummy. … More I’m Going Soft

I Love Fairytales

I have beautiful schedules and lists written up, and upon those schedules and lists are reminders and requirements for myself to write blog posts on the proper days. Be that as it may, you know I still didn’t post yesterday. In addition, I am desperately in love with fairytales. Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Snow … More I Love Fairytales

Loved and Lost

Okay, hello. So, a preface before you’re allowed to read this: it was assigned in English after we’d read selections from The Canterbury Tales, and the assignment was to write a short story based around a principle/moral/you know what I mean. And I happen to have a very large weak spot for sappy romance. So, yes, … More Loved and Lost