A Vanilla Post

Okay, so, I had a post plan for today, but then I decided that it was boring. So, I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do.

But that’s okay! Because sometimes we can have posts where I just do this. Right? Right.

So, in life news, the production of “Beauty and the Beast” is coming along pretty solid. I nailed rehearsal last night and my hair is currently super cute because brushing it after you made it pretty for dress rehearsal is way overrated.

Oh, by the by, I don’t know if I’ve even mentioned “Beauty and the Beast” on here–I’m Madame de la Grande Bouche.

That’s the wardrobe.

This gal:

That’s me!

It’s actually a really fun part. I may only have six lines, but dang it, I sell ’em!

Okay so I stole my mom’s cute new reading glasses (I’m sitting in her office at school, because she had a staff meeting and I despise being late with every fiber of my being–I shall take no risks) and I’m kind of digging them, honestly.

They’ve got reddish pinky frames and the li’l stick things that go behind your ears are floral and I’m all about them.

I mean, I don’t need reading glasses, but they’re cute and they don’t hurt anything, so there.

Also, I’ve recently become addicted to “House.” Unfortunately, Netflix is evil and is all like “this show is only available until April 1st,” so now my only option is to mainline it as fast as humanly possible to see how much I can get through before I have to start getting the seasons on DVD.

I’m on Season 5, Episode 22 out of 8 seasons, so I’d say I’m booking it at a relatively swift pace. My binge watching skills are unmatched.

*3 hours later*

Okay that ^^ right there is the problem with blogging at school. It’s all, “typey typey type yay writin’ a post” and then I have to, like, go to class? What wizardry is this?

Anyway, I’m sure I was going somewhere with that binge-watching thing, but it’s completely gone now, so, nevermind with that.

What should the title of this post even be? Maybe it should be that. But that’s boring and doesn’t catch anyone’s attention. I should just do something that doesn’t relate to the post at all. Like, “Puppies are good for Cuddles.” Except then you’d think I was going to talk about puppies, and that would just be disappointing.

Oh, well, I’ll think of something. It’ll probably be boring and vanilla.

Speaking of, why do people use “vanilla” to describe something boring or pedestrian? Vanilla is my favorit flavor! Honestly, vanilla gets a bad rap.

Anywho, English is ending, so I gotta dash. Be back Thursday!

2 thoughts on “A Vanilla Post

  1. Now you’re going to get hits from search engines where people wanted recipes. Just sayin’ :-). Also, boring sensible sister moment, it’s hard on your eyes to look through glasses when you don’t need ’em. Now, I know mom’s reading glasses are just magnifiers, but still. Or, with MOAH DRAHMAH: “NOOOOOOO, EMMA, DON’T DO IT! THINK OF THE EYEBALLS! JUST THINK OF THEIR PLIGHT IN 30 YEARS!”

    Liked by 1 person

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