We’re a Go!

LingoBites launched on Thursday, my friends. Wanna know what was on it? My story! Pretty freaking bombsauce, huh? You can go to their website if you have an internet connection or download their app from Google Play, if you have any android devices. Why no App Store, you ask? Currently, they’ve only launched in beta … More We’re a Go!

No Problem!

First of all, I’m back home! Ish. I’m still across the state staying with my grandparents, but I’ll be home soon. Anyhow, today’s (late) post is about the weird differences between generations. Specifically, “you’re welcome” versus “no problem”. Now, up until a few nights ago, I thought that the problem with “no problem” was a … More No Problem!

A Cop-Out 

Okay, okay, okay. I know, I missed Tuesday, and when I don’t post on schedule then people stop checking and I lose followers, yada yada. But, in my defense, I’m in D.C., and we got quite lost on Tuesday coming home from Colonial Williamsburg.   Pretty sweet, right? I have SO MANY pictures to spam … More A Cop-Out 

This Could Work; I Mean, if You’re Down With Probably Going to Hell.

So I had a Physical Therapy appointment today (which is a whole different story of tragic comedy, but more on that later), but we had a lot of stuff going on and too few vehicles, so I rode down with my mom, took the car from my dad at work, took the car back to … More This Could Work; I Mean, if You’re Down With Probably Going to Hell.

So This is a Thing.

I was talking to my sister today, because I’ve been completely overwhelmed lately, and after she helped me chillax (because she’s the best sister–which, really, is convenient, since I only got one), she asked why I haven’t been blogging lately. My knee-jerk answer was, “because I’m a terrible blogger and I have no ideas.” Which, … More So This is a Thing.