Hi, I’m Emma.

As of this update (who knows when I will update it again), I’m a writer, actor, theatre enthusiast, and overall nerd who is halfway through her undergrad. I’m pursuing a BA in Theatre with a minor in Business Administration. I suppose this means, at some point, the blog title will have to change.

I have kept this blog since I was fourteen, so it exists partly as a chronicle of my own growing-up, both as a person and an author. It chronicles, in bits and pieces, my journey through high school, writing my first novel, many a health and travel fiasco, and much more.

What can you expect from me now? Well, a lot more growing and the chronicling thereof. I once had a posting schedule – now, my only goal is to never let a full month go by without at least one blog post. Of those blog posts, some are updates of my life, some are snapshots of my current writing projects, and some are … miscellaneous. And most will try to be funny.

Oh, I also come from a large family. Family members are often featured, but never referenced by name, so … good luck keeping track of my brothers.

So! If you like amateur writing, attempts at humor, and enjoy never being sure when you will be graced with new content: this is the blog for you!

Welcome to the adventures of an adolescent author.

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