Promises, Promises

So, I started writing with Dwyn again and now I can’t stop. I’m just collecting little vignettes of her. Who knows whether I’ll use them or not? They’re a dandy time, regardless. This is one of the longer ones. ‘Tis her facing her fear of water (read: drowning in the water, more specifically). If you … More Promises, Promises

Plum Fool

A working title. Because she was a fool for a plum, get it? This is a sub-par intro to inform you that this is part two (and the final part) of the story I shared last post. Anyway. You get to see into her internal logic and humanity a little bit in this. I kinda … More Plum Fool

Wales, Fy Nghariad

(I’m reasonably confident I didn’t just butcher Welsh in the title, but if someone who speaks Welsh happens to read this and I did … I’m sorry, I’m just a West Coast American who has recently discovered a love for Wales. I’m tryin’!) That’s right, ladies and gentlefolk, we’re talking about WALES AGAIN. If you’re … More Wales, Fy Nghariad