A Vanilla Post

Okay, so, I had a post plan for today, but then I decided that it was boring. So, I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do. But that’s okay! Because sometimes we can have posts where I just do this. Right? Right. So, in life news, the production of “Beauty and the Beast” is coming … More A Vanilla Post

Musical Theatre: the Stigma, the Hype, and Why I Love It.

Okay, I just saw “Beauty and the Beast” (LOVE IT. Totally recommend.), so it seems pretty fitting that I scheduled this particular post for today. So, as all of you know, I love Musical Theatre. Watching, performing, listening–doesn’t matter, I’m a fan. I could list the ones that are among my favorites, but that would … More Musical Theatre: the Stigma, the Hype, and Why I Love It.

I’m Obsessed

I’m obsessed with a great many things. Reading, writing, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Firefly, Joss Whedon in general, Hamilton, Broadway, Theatre, Acting, Disney, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Jennifer Lawrence–I’ll start to sound creepy if I list all the people I love. (*cough* Jimmy Fallon *cough*). Long story short, I find things, I love them, I never let … More I’m Obsessed

Universal School

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have done just about every kind of schooling option available. I went to public school Kindergarten-6th grade, I was homeschooled with my dad in the 7th grade, I went to a Private Catholic School in 8th grade and first Semester of my Freshman year, I’ve taken several … More Universal School