It’s Spring Break

And guess where I am? At home!

Which I’m actually totally chill with, to be honest. I’m getting some writing done, my room is clean, I’m getting enough sleep.

Kind of the ideal Spring Break. Except for mom’s house cleaning chain gang, but that’s even alright.

In other news, I’ve discovered “Galavant.” It’s like my ideal show: cheesy (usually off-color) humor, knights, princesses, kings, and it’s a musical. It fills me with joy.

I’m introducing it to Younger Brother as I type. He’s giggling like a small, amused hyena.

April Fool’s Day was lame, once again. I was at a show, and a couple cast members pulled the, “Look, oh goodness me, she fell down the stairs and can’t perform tonight! Look at the OH-SO-CONVINCING CRUTCHES!” Which was annoying and everyone knew it was a prank.

Oh, by the way, “Beauty and the Beast” was pretty bomb. By our last, you know, SIX SHOWS we pulled it together quite nicely.

Quote of the day:

“That’s us. And I won’t give up on us.”

“I want you to give up.”

“I won’t.”

“Please give up.”

“You can’t make me!” 🙂

Ah. Funny.

Mkay bye. Galavant to watch, books to write.

One thought on “It’s Spring Break

  1. You’re mom’s on a cleaning frenzy too?! I thought mine was the only one! The entire basement has been torn apart and is far from being reorganized at the moment. So that’s fun…


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