Pool People

Working at a pool is one of the best kinds of places to work if you want to meet a lot of different people. You get just about the full spectrum coming in to swim, in one way or another. So I, your benevolent lifeguard and writer, have taken the liberty of classifying some of … More Pool People


I am in a Music in the Humanities class at school, because, primarily, I love college credit. Secondarily, I love music. For each unit, we must perform a pertinent piece of music, make a presentation, and analyze music for what was taught in the unit. The first unit was the fundamental properties of music. YAWN. … More Opera

I’m Becoming Self-Possessed and That Is Disturbing

I mean, it’s also good. Obviously. But it is also causing me to have a mild identity crisis. For … ever, really, I have not been good at meeting people. Eye contact was difficult (maintained through sheer will power), stuttering through my own name was almost guaranteed. And forget me speaking of my own volition in … More I’m Becoming Self-Possessed and That Is Disturbing