Epidemic, Part Four

GUYS. THIS IS THE LAST PART. If you haven’t read any of these installments, go here to read part one, here to read part two, and here to read part three. Enjoy! “All right, boys, brush teeth, and then you need to go to bed, Aaron,” I said upon reaching our room. “Boys, you go to the boys’ bathroom and brush … More Epidemic, Part Four

Epidemic, Part 3

This is part three of “Epidemic,” the short story I wrote and have been posting for the last two days. If you haven’t read any of them and would like to start from the beginning, go here to read the first part, and here to read part two. Enjoy! I left the room quickly. “Stay in here, please,” I … More Epidemic, Part 3

Epidemic, Part Two

I wrote a story. This is the second part of said story. If you have not read the first part of said story, go here to do so. Enjoy! “Happy seventeenth birthday, Evette,” She said, plopping a kiss on my head. Oh yeah. My birthday. “Thanks, mom.” She swooped back out of the kitchen. Aaron was the … More Epidemic, Part Two

Epidemic, Part One

Hey there my dear, dear readers! Guess what I’ve done! No, really, guess. You probably didn’t even have to guess because of the title; I’ve written you a story! It’s probably going to be a three- or maybe even four-parter. It’s pretty long. Not REALLY long, but pretty decent for a short story. Do enjoy … More Epidemic, Part One

Hello, I’m the Resident Expert on Children’s Shows

So, I’m noticing a theme. I’m really not that mature. I drink juice boxes. I have an overactive imagination. And … I know everything about almost every children’s show ever. Wanna hear the theme song to “Little Einsteins”? How about “Winnie the Pooh”? I can also do almost any song from “Barney”, if you’d like. … More Hello, I’m the Resident Expert on Children’s Shows

Bob ‘n’ Weave!

I’m short. All of the High School guys, and a lot of the High School girls, are taller than me. Some of them by quite a lot. When I’m in the halls, trying to navigate from one class to another (I’ve gotten lost three times, one of them involving me heading into the wrong classroom), … More Bob ‘n’ Weave!

Voices in My Head

I hear voices in my head. They’re my voices, of course, but it’s always fun to see/hear other people’s reactions when I say that. I’m one of those people who runs conversations through my head before, during, or afer I have them. Before, to figure out what I’m going to say, during, ditto, and after, … More Voices in My Head