My Recommendations

These are just things & people I like. You can click on them if you want.


K.M. Shea

Tara Grayce

Sylvia Mercedes

Samantha Shannon

Sarah K.L. Wilson

C.S. Lewis

Marissa Meyer



Chicken Maker  

Hyperbole and a Half


Lady Nijo’s Own Story: The Candid Diary of a Thirteenth-Century Japanese Imperial Concubine

The Princess Bride


The Lunar Chronicles

The Museum of Whales You Will Never See

The Marvels

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Bone Season

Stolen Mayfly Bride

Elven Alliance

YouTube Channels/Various Online Creators

Safiya Nygaard

Ask A Mortician

Bernadette Banner

Chad Chad

Jack Edwards

Jenny Nicholson

Lindsay Ellis

Micarah Tewers

Simone Giertz


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