I’m Sick.

Literally. And no, not with that illness, just a cold that someone brought home in time for Christmas that’s been making its rounds. A pretty nasty one, but just that nonetheless. But when I’m sick I tend to be pensive. And when I’m in the shower I tend to be even pensive-er. So when I … More I’m Sick.

My Mortal Enemy

I, as is no secret, participated in NaNoWriMo this year. For the first time, possibly the last time (but who knows? It was fun). Want to know who else participated in NaNoWriMo? Brandon W. Sanderson. I began at a deficit, because I was finishing Book 1 of this series and was going to NaNo book … More My Mortal Enemy


I was going to write a perfectly wonderful and exciting post about my experience being a film extra. Darn it, I was excited! I saw the casting call looking for “college-aged background, aged 18-24” on Tuesday evening. The gig was for shooting on Wednesday and/or Thursday. I thought, what the hell? I’m 18-24. I’m an … More Cut

TMC Book Snippet

I’m going to remain mysterious and not actually title-reveal for the book. Not actually for any truly mysterious reason, mostly because it’s still just a working title and I’m not totally satisfied with it yet. So I’ll give you an acronymic version, but that’s all for now. (I’m also withholding the series name. And that’s … More TMC Book Snippet

Yellowstone, Reprise: I’ll Send Myself a Postcard (Or: How I Didn’t See Old Faithful)

Folks. We’re here. We’ve made it. We’ve done it. I bet you were beginning to think you, my blog-audience (few and faithful, you are) would never break free of reading about my one (1) summer vacation. But this is it, comrades. The last reminiscence from the Yellowstone/Grand Tetons trip of Summer 2k21. Who knows when … More Yellowstone, Reprise: I’ll Send Myself a Postcard (Or: How I Didn’t See Old Faithful)