My Blog Title

Guess what!

Guess, guess!

I made gingerbread!


^ That’s not the gingerbread I made. I’m not artsy enough to take a picture like that. I’m also incapable of cutting squares that perfect.

Also, my family ate all of the gingerbread before I could take a picture of it. Hence the stock picture of gingerbread.


I realized that I have never told you why my blog is named what it is. The whole “The Adventures of an Adolescent Author” is pretty self-explanatory, but “A Dose of Ginger”? Not so much.

Basically, I love ginger. It’s one of my favorite spices. Like, ever.

Also, ginger is medicinal. It helps with colds and when you’re stuffed up and the like.

I also have red hair. I am a “ginger.”

So, “A Dose of Ginger” is a play on words. You get a dose of my thoughts, but ginger is also medicinal. You take doses of medicine.

Ha-ha! Funny, funny!

Mostly I figured I’d explain myself. I don’t know that many of you were actually confused, but I figured I’d explain it anyway. Just in case anyone was.

If you were, well–now you know!

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