I’ve Got the Plague. Or I’ve Been Drugged. I’m Not Sure At This Point.

I’m sick.

Like, I feel awful. It was one of those things that just descends upon you while you’re sleeping, and when you wake up you feel like a zombie.

I went to bed and thought, “I feel vaguely crappy. But whatever.” I woke up and it was like, “AAAAHHH! THE PRE-DAWN LIGHT IS TOO BRIGHT! WHY, WORLD?” Well, that’s how I usually wake up, but this morning it was more so.

Mostly because my alarm went off at 6:15 am ’cause I had swim team this morning.

I missed swim team.

I swear, somebody injected me with lead, cause it’s freaking HAAARD to move. And I have a headache. Sometimes I’m too hot, sometimes I’m too cold. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to vomit, sometimes I don’t.

I just feel like…I feel like death.

Yeah, that’s pretty accurate. I feel like death.

And I managed to catch the plague on the worst possible day I could’ve, too!

It’s the last week of swim team, I had voice lessons this afternoon, and I had an adjudication I’ve been preparing a monologue for. I will now miss all of these things.

I’ve been practicing that monologue for a week. And I was excited to see what went down when I performed it for the adjudication.

So, that’s all been for nothing!

And I’ve now missed a day of swim practice. And voice.

I’m wondering if I’ve been drugged. But to what end? I’m half expecting some people clad in all black to bust into the house and drag me away for some crime I’ve been falsely accused of. But it hasn’t happened yet, so I might be safe.

Of course, the possibility exists that I’ve just gotten sick. But it’s much more fun to think I’ve been framed for some crime and I’ve been drugged to reduce the struggle as I get dragged away.

But I’m probably just sick.

*Sigh* I’ve been condemned to a life of boring, easy conclusions to my problems.

UPDATE: Now it looks like there’s a wind storm starting up. I’d ask if this day could get any worse, but if I did that, I’d probably end up breaking every bone in my body or finding out I have some terminal disease or something. So I just won’t jinx it.

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