So, I spent the day at the Valley Fair.

For those of you who don’t participate in Fairs–like showing animals, entering exhibits–I’m just going to tell you that that sentence carries WAY more weight than you think it does.

“So, I spent the day at the Fair,” means that I just spent the last week and a half working my tail off to finalize all of my exhibits and poring over the Fair Book to see which exhibit goes in which section.

And don’t even get me started on the baking!

All of my siblings and I bake things for the fair. It’s not like our kitchen is huge. There’s always a frantic rush the night before with everyone trying to frost their creations and finish that last zucchini bread that you just “have to make.”

It’s like crash week when you’re in a recital or play, just all contained in one night.

It ain’t fun.

And then when you go into the Exhibit Hall and see that the judges didn’t like the cookies you worked really hard on? Disappointment. (They said they were “too dry.” That’s the POINT of the cookie I was making! It’s supposed to be hard-packed like a snowball! But I digress.)

But the Fair is also super fun. Seeing how much they loved the other things you made is extremely fulfilling.

And the Fair food–mm! MM! I had snowcones and ice cream and lemonade and I wandered around all day with my friends. It was pretty good.


And my niece won the 2-4 year old coloring contest. And the prize was amazing! It was…drum roll, please…SIDEWALK CHALK! Ooooh man! I’m pretty sure I was more excited about it than she was.

In short (but not really cause I already said all of that ^), I really enjoy going to the Valley Fair. Any Fair, really, but particularly the one I went to today. The one I’ve gone to for my entire life.

The night before is hellish…

But the day of is great.

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