Awkward Turtle Syndrome

^ The title. ^ That’s what I have.

This blog? The things I write? That’s pretty much an accurate depiction of my personality. Loud, sarcastic, a fan of hyperbole, and kinda weird. I also like to think I’m funny.

But that’s not what people see when I first introduce myself.

When I first introduce myself, I’m quiet, awkward, and use this weird high-pitched voice that my Older Brother will never stop giving me grief for. (He calls it my Mickey Mouse voice. He’s a big meany.)

But that’s only if I even talk when I first introduce myself.

I believe I’ve mention one or one hundred times that I moved last summer. Which meant all new people. All the time.

Me+Being Alone in a Crowd of New People=My Funeral.

Okay, okay, I didn’t die.

But  I also didn’t talk for the first two or three days at my new school.

I said the mandatory things, like my name, what my favorite color was, blah blah blah. But that doesn’t REALLY count, and we all know it.

Anyway, I’m going into High School this year, as I’ve also mentioned.

Did I mention it’s about twenty times bigger than the high school I originally planned to go to?

That’s not even an exaggeration.

And new people…I’m bad at new people. I can do it, but I’m still bad at it.

My friends and I are comparing schedules. I have TWO CLASSES with people I actually know. TWO.

I. Am. Going. To. Die.

But, since we moved, I’ve been getting better at navigating social situations with slightly more grace than I had before. I even made new friends this summer, all by myself!

Go me!

So, I think I’ll be okay at High School.

My dream of living a real High School Musical experience will probably never come true, but…

I think I’ll be okay.

And maybe I’ll even become less of an awkward turtle! Maybe an awkward butterfly!

(And let’s all pray I get rid of the cursed Mickey Mouse voice).

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