I Haven’t Forgotten This

I swear, really. I’ve just been pushing back a blog post “one more day” for … almost all of November.

Play. NaNoWriMo. New job. Thanksgiving. It’s been a packed month, folks.

I promise I’ll be back, probably not this Wednesday. And probably not the following Wednesday, either, because that’s hell week.

Let’s make a tentative date for the 15th. That seems doable.

And, in the meantime, I leave you with a teaser. The list of blog posts I must write that I started on my phone, vague words that mean everything to me and nothing to you:

  1. New kid
  2. Brando rivalry
  3. Our kitchen is cursed
  4. Disaster -> hot cop
  5. The wallpaper saga

See you soon. ❤

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