I Might Be a Director

Today, I saw a Teen Camp production of “Les Miserables.” My dad loves the show, I knew several people in it, so we decided to go.

It was quite good! I’m in love with the Javert, the Val Jean was strong, Eponine was good. Everyone else was good enough. The “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” scene was chilling.

Aside from that, though, it made me notice that what I geek out about the most in shows tends to be the production.

Obviously, I notice and appreciate the actors, too. I love actors, especially the great ones. But what I really notice and really appreciate is the production details; the sets, the lighting, the BLOCKING (I find is so, so integral to a show, especially the emotional impact), the costumes.

I notice it and geek out about it when it’s brilliant, and darn it if I don’t want to make things like that.

Obviously, I enjoyed directing Snow White and Rose Red. It was hard, but it was very fulfilling and definitely worth it. I loved it a lot more than I thought I would. In my head, I’m an actor; that’s what I want to do in theater, that’s always been the plan.

But the experience of directing and producing Snow White and Rose Red and this unacknowledged geekiness I’ve started paying attention to that I have about those direction and production decisions is making me think that maybe that’s a worthy course to pursue, too.

I haven’t made any real art as a director yet. But I’m thinking that maybe I will sometime.

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