I’m So Close

Guys, I have like 3 more things to do before I can start a second draft of The Psychnomast.

That is so very, very close.

I mean I’ve kind of been working on a second draft for an agonizingly long time now, because I’ve been planning it for so long. But I get to actually write it out soon.

That’s both exciting and terrifying. On the one hand, plotting and character building and world building are really hard for me, so it’s a relief to get to actually write. On the other hand, I’ve been planning for so long (and, as a result, my plot is so much better but more complex) that it’s kind of daunting to be approaching actually putting those plans into effect.

But we’ll see how it goes. I have relatively high hopes for this draft. I’ve just come so, so far as a writer since the completion of the first draft. Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but even looking back at blog posts from a year ago, I’m just a better writer than I was then.

Now, that’s not to say I’m very good, but I am much better, and the plot is so much better now.

I do so hope I won’t let myself down.

I have I think two more specific scenes/schemes that need to be written out in bullet points. That results in me mostly staring at a blinking cursor, head in hands, typing periodically, muttering things like “is it believable for a 17 year old to be able to pickpocket a trained security guy? Is a wall of flames too dramatic? Gah, that makes no sense. I’m a talentless fraud,” and other such useful things.

It’s a fanciful process, indeed.

Currently, my biggest problem is my STUPID protagonist is rejecting every name I try to give her. I’m like, “Jasmine?” and she goes a whole entire book and most of a plot rework before replying, “Hmmm … you know, Emma, I’m not digging it.”

So my sister and I spent an entire evening and into the night looking at so. many. names. And we settled on “Scarlet.”

That lasted for a little under a month before she said, “You know, Emma, I’m still not grooving on it. I want a different name. Try again.”

So she is currently nameless, as every single name I conceive just doesn’t click. She’s being very stubborn about it.

Why do characters have to be so mean to me?

My plan is to finish polishing my character building plans (the third and final task that needs to take place before actual writing can commence) and then I’m going to study her plan and my plot and find a FINAL NAME. This one will be final.

We’ll see how she feels about that plan.

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