A Cop-Out 

Okay, okay, okay. I know, I missed Tuesday, and when I don’t post on schedule then people stop checking and I lose followers, yada yada. But, in my defense, I’m in D.C., and we got quite lost on Tuesday coming home from Colonial Williamsburg.


Pretty sweet, right? I have SO MANY pictures to spam you people with when I get home. Consider this a preview to the many sub-par pictures and videos soon to come your way.

Do I also have stories? Yes, yes I do! I have stories of getting a little lost, Bernie Sanders, cute tour guides, and getting a lot lost at 1:00 in the morning.

Am I going to tell you these stories? Yes! But not now.

So what is this post? A total cop-out! It’s here because it’s Thursday, and I want to post something, but I’m tired and busy so this is whatcha get.

See ya, nerds. I have tales.

Ciao for niao.

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