Okay, so you know how, a while back, I mentioned that a short story of mine got picked up by a publisher? But how, like, I wasn’t allowed to talk about it?

Well, the silence can now be broken, friends, because they’re coming up on releasing their app here in a few weeks! So here’s the situation:

They’re launching an app called LingoBites, which is a cool app for people who want to learn a different language. So, to sharpen their language skills, this app has a bunch of well-written stories in a myriad of languages so that someone can get more fluent with entertaining content.

Pretty cool, huh?

Like I said, they’re a couple weeks out from launch, but when they do, if you download the free version of the app, you get three free stories a month by default, so you should totally download the app.

“But when will I know when the app is available for download?” You may ask.

To you I say, good question! If you go to LingoBites, then you can sign up for “Launch News” and then you can immediately download it when it launches, and read my story because yaaaay! 🙂 Also, if you share the link or the app, you get more free content, and who doesn’t like free content?

So that’s all I’ve got with the shameless self-promotion, but I would appreciate it very much if you would read my story when it comes out. 🙂 I am quite proud of it, and would love to know what you think.

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