Sometimes, I’m Just Not Entitled Enough

Props to my mom for helping me out of my “I-Can’t-Think-Of-A-Witty-Title-For-My-Blog-Post” funk.


So, I asked you guys a while back if you’d like to hear/see the process of how I came up with the title of my book that is still being proofread … much to my anxiety. I got one whole entire “yes,” so I decided that that was enough to go off of to write the blog post, darn it!

Because sometimes, I cater to my own whims, too.

So here we go:

The placeholder for my book for the whole seven months I was writing it was Think. Get it? Because Psychics … yeah. I wasn’t all that pleased with it either. I mean, it wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t too terribly GOOD, either.

So, after I was all done writing, I decided, “This needs an official title. Like, now. The baby is born, it needs a gosh darn name!”

So, I set out to name it.

After I transferred schools, I got put into an English class that lined up very well with my English class at my previous school. Other than the timing of some assignments, unfortunately. I had already read the Odyssey at the beginning of this year, and they read it shortly after I came into the class.

So, while they read, I worked on the book. I finished writing most of it and proofread it  in that class.

After those two things, I started brainstorming for title in that class. Like all master brainstormers, I got out a sheet of handy-dandy lined paper, and began writing everything I needed names for, and different names they could have:


In case you can’t read that very well, it says:

Beckham’s Name

David Proditor

Ian Proditor

Edgar Proditor

                      MMCC (Mind Maintenance Control Center)

                    Federal Bureau of Psychic Investigation (FBPI)

                    National Psychic Agency (NPA)

                  Central Psychic Intelligence Agency (CPIA)

PPED (Psychic Protection and Employment Division)

Psychic Protection Services (PPS)

Psychic Protection Program (PPP)

The Psychics Militant (TPM)

The Psychic Resistance (TPR)

 Psychic Opposition (PO)

Psychic Militia (PM)

(The) Psychic Militant (TPM)





                   The Leader


                  The Psychnomast

                 (The) Balance

                  Jasmine Evans and the Fall of Corruption

                 The Harder They Fall

                 (The) Rebellion

                 (The) Resistance

Boom. Nailed that brainstorming. I spent that day thinking up all those names and narrowing them down. The next day, I did this:


The first day, I nailed down what I wanted David Beckham’s name to be on the first day, no sweat. Quick story about him: “David Beckham” was the first name that popped into my head, which I then realized is the name of a celebrity. I decided it should be changed. Back to the more important things!

I decided on The Federal Bureau of Psychic Investigation (FBPI) for the organization Jamine works for, The Rebels for, well, the Rebels, and … drum roll, please!

The Psychnomast for the title of the book.

Why that? Well, allow me to explain:

-Jasmine IS the one and only Psychnomast; also, the main character of the story, so it seemed as though she should be included somehow in the title

-Since I made up the word “Psychnomast,” using it in the title captures the interest of someone looking at the book.

-It has a nice ring to it. It’s also a relatively short title, but I like that it’s not just one word, as I tend to do with my titles and I don’t particularly care for.

So, what do all of you think of the title? Did I pick a good ‘un? I’m rather proud of the one I chose. Let me know!

Have a wonderful day my doves. Do the likey, commenty, followy, sharey things if you wanna! 🙂

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