It’s Another Life Post

Hello, hooligans.

Can you guess where I was most of yesterday? I know at least one of you knows!

As for the rest: I was in the ER. It was great fun!

Basically, here’s the scoop: I had really bad pain on my right side, but originally passed it off as period cramps, because being a girl is ALL the fun and we get those. I dealt with it for about five hours, until it got so bad that I went upstairs and told my dear mother that, perhaps, we should see a doctor because this was NOT in the ordinary

We went to the doctor, where I waited in agony for an hour before he could see us. When he did, he apologized profusely and said that they were afraid it was appendicitis, but they didn’t have the equipment to check me out there, so I would have to go to the Emergency Room.

We drove, me in agony, to the Emergency Room, where I stumbled in and waited for another forty-five minutes (have I mentioned yet that I was in total agony?) before they took us back. While waiting I may or may not have completely broken down and Disney-princess cried on the waiting room chair. Hey, I was hurting pretty bad, okay?

They took me back and told me that, since I had been throwing up all day and I had no fever, appendicitis was unlikely, but something was definitely wrong. They stuck me with all the needles, took blood, took a urine sample, and stuck me with an IV that had MAGICAL painkillers and anti-nausea medicine, as well as plain ol’ saline to get me rehydrated.

They did all the tests and gave me an abdominal ultrasound. They couldn’t find my appendix (darn thing) but they did find that the tube connecting my kidney and bladder was inflamed and there was a “backup” there, which would explain the pain and its unique location.

Whoop-de-doo, I have a kidney stone!

They sent me home, because there’s nothing you can do but flush it out with all the water, and they assumed I’d rather sleep in my own bed. They were right.

They sent us home with the magical drugs. We got home a little before midnight last night, and I stayed home from school today.

I haven’t passed the stone yet, despite my STELLAR water consumption, so I think I might have to stay home tomorrow, too. Gosh darn. And I can’t dance this week, which is irritating.

But I’m not dying, so that’s a plus, and I’m getting some writing done, so I’ll probably post a Book Snippet within the next day or so.

Type to ya later, hooligans!


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