Okay, so this week has been IN-sane. As in not sane, as in crazy. More synonyms? No, you got the idea? Okay, sounds dandy!

So I started my new school, which is great.

But Younger Brother and Younger-er Brother are entering crash week, as they’re putting on their play next week, so they had late rehearsals every night.

And Younger Brother had an overnight retreat on Thursday.

And Dad decided to go and get sick.

And I have all of my after school stuff to stay with.

Soooooo…that left Mom to do all transportation…we were barely home, anyway.

Don’t believe me? Well!

I believe that pileup of dishes that I did today from the last THREE DAYS speaks for itself.

Soooo, yes. That explains my distinct lack of presence on the blog-o-sphere, now, doesn’t it?

Let’s talk about something slightly more interesting!

Well, we’re not talking, I’m typing and you’re reading, and in reality it’s just me typing alone at eleven ten at night, so … how about I type about something more interesting, and you read it later?

YES! I’m a genius!

Firstly, I saw this and it made be chuckle breathily through my nose:


And, just to clarify, you weirdos, NO, that’s not from my own personal texts, I saw it on the interwebz. Geez. Y’all have the audacity to think a MALE likes ME? HA! You’re so funny. XD

Oh, oh, and this one!

Good ol’ JK Rowling! She’s a funny one. And a good author. *sigh* Harry Potter. WHO’S EXCITED FOR MAGICAL BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM THIS SUMMER? ME ME ME ME I AM!!!!

Okay, showing you funny pictures that I found during the many hours I wasted on the internet today isn’t really “typing about something interesting.” Time to do that for realsies now!

I just turned to Older Brother and said, “OLDER BROTHER! What’s an interesting topic????”

He said, “Um … why do you ask?”

I slapped my desk and said, “Because I need an interesting topic!”

“Uh … I dunno?” And then he turned back to his STUPID YouTube videos. Geez. It’s not like I spend an unholy amount of time on YouTube. Of course not.

So now I’m left to think of my own interesting topic. How unfair. My life is so hard! I have to creative all on my lonesome.

So now I’ve thought about typing about pencils, music, society’s convoluted views of beauty, The Odyssey, journaling, and how messy my desk is because I just haven’t bothered to clean it up.

None of them are jumping out at me. I’d ask if any of them jump out at YOU, but, as we covered earlier, I type, and you just read the typing later, so I can’t really get your opinion. You guys could vote on which one of those ideas you like best and tell me in the comments and I could write a post on it another time, though! Maybe tomorrow. It all depends on how productive I’m feeling.

For now, I shall think of a brilliantly interesting DIFFERENT topic for you to read about!

Though why anyone would think this amazing string of inane ramblings isn’t interesting to read is beyond me. (That was sarcasm. Just saying because you can’t hear the tone of voice I’m writing in. But you probably picked up on the sarcasm anyway. I’m sarcastic a lot. Is that a good thing or a bad thing … ?)



That’s a good topic, isn’t it? So many people are sarcastic, so often. Why do humans like sarcasm?

Well, sarcasm, according the the magnificent Google, is “the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.” It’s funny, people use sarcasm so often, that it often doesn’t really convey contempt so much. It’s mostly mockery of the world around us, isn’t it?

Sure, it’s sometimes used in contempt, but more often it’s used as a joke or as a way to mock someone. Most often a friend, in my experience.

I think humans are drawn to sarcasm because we enjoy irony. Saying one thing and meaning an opposite is an amusing expression of oneself, whether you’re doing it in contempt or not.

Well, I exhausted that topic quickly! I’m sure I could’ve written more on it, but it’s the time of night when I just get manic, so there’s no way I’m focusing on a single topic for long.

SORRY! Well, not really, you asked for it when you decided to read this blog. This is just what happens about every third post! Unless I’m posting a series of story parts, in which case all of you are amazingly sweet and supportive and I just post intros to the stories and tons of hyperlinks.

Speaking of hyperlinks, did you know that WordPress changed their format??? I used to be able to link to my own content really easily while I was writing a post, but now I have to do this whole complicated process where I go back after having posted the content and edit the post in my dashboard and put the links in blah, blah, blah.

It’s stupid.

Especially since the “Book Snippets” tend to have so many links! Darn WordPress, taking away convenient features.

I s’pose I shouldn’t be so contemptuous. WordPress is the whole server hosting my blog. Without it you wouldn’t be reading the delightful piece of poo that this post is, and wouldn’t that be a shame? HEY, WE’VE CIRCLED BACK TO SARCASM NOW!

Ah, don’t you just love these redundant, disconnected thoughts that I post on the internet for you all to see? And I wonder how many times I’ve mentioned the word “contempt” in this post alone. Let’s go back and count! (Wow, I sound like Dora!)

I stopped at six. My attention span is too short to count how many times I mentioned anything, especially “contempt,” because that’s not fun and I keep thinking that I spelt it wrong but there’s no red squiggly line under it, so I must be good.

I think I’m going to stop now to spare myself further embarrassment when I go back over this and read it some time down the road. Yes, that’s a good plan.

I am so good at coming up with those. (Heh heh it’s funny because NOPE.)

BUBYE. I might even sleep now!

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