Sometimes People Are Jerks

So, do y’all know that I take voice lessons? Well, now you do.

So, public transit ends about a mile south of my teacher, but it’s a straight walk to his studio. Pretty easy.

But there’s about two feet of snow on the ground … so it’s cold, wet, and slippery.

It still wasn’t that bad today–after I called my padre and tried to wheedle a ride out of him (the answer was no. His afternoon was booked, apparently) I took the bus. It was fine, just the usual vaguely creepy people.

I got off the bus, and started the walk. I pumped up my music, buttoned up my two jackets, and shoved on my hat and gloves. It was cool–both figuratively and literally.

I was about half way throught the walk when I discovered that someone had decided to stop shoveling the walk. I shrugged and started trudging through the snow. I was wearing my boots, so I was fine–my jeans got a little bit of snow on them, but it was fine.

So now I’m about three quarters of the way to the studio. All is fine and dandy, I’m just a little chilly, and my boots are doing their job admirably well.

And then … a wild jerk appeared!

This guy, in his car, purposely swerves to the side of the road and splashes dirty road slush all over me. 

No, I am NOT making assumptions. I saw him. He was driving perfectly straight, and then when he saw me he swerved over, and after his distinctly UNCHARITABLE mission was accomplished, he swerved back into the middle of the road.


So now all up my back is damp.

On the upside, I had a good voice lesson–and I shouldn’t have to walk any more, since we moved the time of my lesson.

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