Book Snippets, Part Six

Hello my dear friends! I have been writing, because I decided to stop being all Debby-Downerish about the pacing and all that and just write. If you want to read the other ones, here are the links: Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart Four, and Part Five. There is no continuity between them, but if you want to read them, go for it.

So this snippet is after a meeting of the resistance. I hope you enjoy it!


I looked around the cluttered room, somehow retaining mess that didn’t seem to have been made throughout the course of the evening. I sighed. “We should clean this up.”

“Yes. Yes we should.” I could hear the laughter in Alanna’s voice, and I turned to look at her. Her green eyes were dancing with either humor or mischief, I could never tell.

Blaze smiled a tired half-smile. “We’re not going to clean any of this up, are we?”

“Nope!” Alanna and I chorused our reply.

“Who wants to go out for dinner?” Blaze asked.

Alanna and I met Blaze at some small Thai place downtown. It looked family-owned. As we sat down, I caught a glimpse of a pyro lighting one of the stove’s burners, after looking left and right to make sure he wasn’t being observed. We met eyes, and he looked frightened—until I put my finger to my lips and winked. He smiled.

I stayed simple and ordered some fried rice and shrimp rolls. When the food came, it was delicious … if a tad hot. Alanna frantically blew in and out and she tried to chew a bite.

“Ith’s tho hot!” She fanned her mouth. “I can’t thwallow it!”

Blaze and I laughed. “Get some water,” I suggested. Alanna grabbed her glass and gulped, and then made an odd choking sound. She had swallowed, but was still looking quite uncomfortable.

“Even the water is spicy!” She exclaimed.

Blaze and I guffawed, attracting far too many eyes to our table. We tried to quiet ourselves, Blaze throwing a hand over his mouth and me pressing my lips together. We both still shook with silent laughter. Blaze stopped laughing before I did, but his eyes still gleamed with humor.

“We could ask for some mashed potatoes,” Blaze said, the corners of his mouth twitching.

Alanna slapped his arm. “Shut up! That’s not all people eat in Ireland, you know!” She tried to be angry, but you could see the smile playing on her lips.

“Oh, yeah, he forgot about the beer,” I said, not trying to hide my grin.

Blaze and I started up again, this time with Alanna in tow.


“Thanks for giving me rides, Ally,” I said, unbuckling.

“No problem. Dinner was fun, huh?”

I looked over and tried to see if she was teasing me, but I couldn’t quite tell in the dark. “Yes,” I said cautiously. “It was.”

“Nice of Blaze to offer, wasn’t it? He paid, too. Very chivalrous.”
She was definitely teasing. I made my tone indifferent. “I suppose. The food was good. A tad warm.” I smirked.

“A tad? That stuff was, like, lava!”

I giggled. “No, you’re just delicate.” I pushed open the door and swung a foot out. “See you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, of course. Hey, has your rental expired on that car? I’d be happy to keep giving you rides until you can get a new auto. I bet Blaze would, too.”

There it was. She was teasing again. “Yeah, it’s expired. Thanks, I may take you up on that offer.” I ignored the part about Blaze, even though I knew he’d give me a ride if I needed one.

I shut the door behind me, and gave Alanna a wave of thanks as she drove off. I trudged up the stairs to my apartment, figuring it was decent exercise, and unlocked my door after fumbling with the key. I dropped my bag and jacket on the kitchen table, pulled out my laptop and went to sit on the couch—

“Hey, Jazz.”

I jumped about five feet in the air. I peered into the dark living room. “I thought you went home! What are you doing here?”


I hope you enjoyed it! As always, do all the likey and commenty things if you so desire. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Book Snippets, Part Six

  1. Call me boy crazy if you wish, but who IS this Blaze person? I likey ;). I know that you’re not going to tell me, so I mainly just commented here to say that you’re doing a really good job and the story is interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha…Blaze is kind of awesome. He’s Matthias’s blonde counterpart, but with more character flaws. Thank you so much for the nice compliment! I’m glad that you’re enjoying it! I know there’s no continuity between these snippets, so it’s really nice of you to say. 🙂


    1. Because I’m a writer and I have the magical ability to make my readers both love and hate me! 😀 Wanna know what’s even better? You probably won’t even figure out who’s in the room until the book’s done! 😀


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