When Guys Shop With Women

I had voice this morning, and, directly after voice, Mom and I had to go pick up Younger-er Brother from Baseball Camp.

So, we did.

Traffic was really super-duper slow, and eventually Mom’s need to go to the bathroom won out against her strong desire to get home.

So, we turned into TJ Maxx. *evil grin*

I’m sure you see where this is going.

Younger-er Brother began whining as soon as he realized where we were; he recognized that he was approaching death. But Mom kept reassuring him that, “We’re only getting your sister Converse and I’m going to the bathroom.”

Oh, we all knew it wasn’t true.

We did get me high-tops.

But, of course, we also ventured over to the clothing section and got me a new top and two skirts.

Which, of course, I had to try on.

We spent a glorious hour in TJ Maxx. 😀

Of course, I’m sure you can imagine what Younger-er Brother was like the entire time:

Younger-er Brother: Mooom, you said we were just getting Converse! *five minutes pass* Moooom, let’s go! Come on, are we done yet?

Me: Hush. You came into a store with two women; this is what we do.

Younger-er Brother: Humph. *sulks*

And that was pretty much how it went the entire time.

And when we got home, he tried to complain to Younger Brother about it, who just said, “You should know by now that that’s how it ALWAYS goes with Mom.”

I mean, I get it. He was hungry and hates shopping.

But…most women love to shop.

If you’re a guy and you plan on having a girlfriend/wife at some point, you kinda have to get used to it. Just as women have to get used to men’s ways.

That’s why love is, you know, mutual.

Two people have to both make as many sacrifices for each other, as much as they provide joy for one another.

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