My Family Doesn’t Know I’m Funny

I have a pretty funny family.

My parents are sometimes funny. Older Sister can be funny if she wants to.

Older Brother and Oldest Brother are both hilarious. Younger Brother has a dry sense of humor that will occasionally turn out a great joke. Younger-er Brother can occasionally supply a decently witty remark. Even Youngest Brother is the slapstick one!

I think I’m pretty funny. My friends have told me that I am.

But at home?

I crack a joke and they all sort of just look at me. Younger Brother and Younger-er Brother have told me on more than one occasion that I have “…an ‘odd’ sense of humor.”

Sometimes they deem my jokes chuckle-worthy.

But most of the time?

Okay, so yesterday we drove by the courthouse. I was like, “You know what would be funny?”

Mom: What would be funny, dear?

Me: If I ran into the courthouse and was like, “I demand a trial! You’ll never take me alive!” But then I wouldn’t tell them what the trial was for. Ha!

Mom: …That’s not actually funny.

Younger-er Brother: Yeah…

Me: Yeah it is! But they’d probably just kick me out…

Mom: Whatever you say, dear.

See? It was funny!



Of course it was.

MY theory is that I’m just drowned out at home by all the other funny people, and that, really, I’m hilarious.

Yeah, that has to be the answer!

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