Chronicling My Quarantine: Day 3

Gotta say, I’m getting a little worried this is going to be the most boring thirteen consecutive days of posting ever, because it’s been a very mundane day-in-the-life.

Day 3

Last night I stayed up too late writing yesterday’s post, so I slept in. My awakening was brought about by my good friend Leni calling me.

She called because she had a pocket of time in her morning before work, and wanted to help gently encourage me not to fall into my unhealthy nocturnal ways in this, my time of quarantine.

We had a very lovely conversation, I made my coffee and retrieved some breakfast, and then it was time for her to work. At around 11:00, I queued up the ol’ televised church (which will just never be as good as the real deal, but what can you do) and drank my coffee with my Jesus time.

I then segued directly into Legally Blonde, because that’s naturally where you go from there. I watched that, my lunch came, I ate it. Took a shower at like 2:00 pm because quarantine is not governed by the laws of time.

I had a little bit of outdoor time – on weekends, we’re allowed to go outside (provided we wear a mask and stay distanced from everyone) any time – and then I remembered that my goal today was to finish my chapter in my Welsh folklore book, so I returned to my room and got cracking on that.

I did, in fact, reach my goal (I’m almost done!), but by the time I got there it was time for my Zoom meeting to do with The Tempest. 

So I ate my dinner and had the meeting.

That was the most eventful part of my day, really, because The Tempest is most of the reason why I’m sitting in this dorm room quarantining in the first place.

There is a lot of uncertainty around re-mounting the production. Of course there is, nothing is normal or as expected. We have some options and we’re meeting again as a group to make a group decision in a couple days.

For me, it’s really super important that it happens in some capacity. It was just wrenched away so suddenly. I want the closure. And, in addition, I’ve felt so starved from all the tings I love this summer (read: theatre) that the knowledge I’d get to do Tempest come September has been my light at the end of the tunnel this whole time. It’s really quite important to me.

No point in stressing, though, because we’ll have that meeting in a couple days and make a decision, and that’ll be that. And even if it weren’t to happen (and I’m hopeful it will, in some way), I do have one class in person, so it is still important and cool to be back on campus this semester.

After that meeting, I took some breaths and drank some water, then headed back outside to distance-catch up with a friend who just got here yesterday to quarantine. We had a nice “how have the last 5 months been?” debrief, and I headed back to my room – my sanctum sanctorum or prison cell, you decide – where I called my mom to tell her everything you’re now hearing.

Then I texted with a friend about The Psychnomast. Our conversation was super exciting; she’s an artist friend of mine, so I sent her a page full of idea-randomness from me and the manuscript so she can see if she has any – wait for it – cover art ideas, and I am SO UNBELIEVABLY TICKLED at the prospect of having a visual face to this story that’s been hanging out in my brain and (mostly) in my hard drive for so long.

We’ve talked a bit about ideas, but she’s not quite through the book yet. So far she’s really enjoying it, which is very affirming for me, and I think some artist-gears are turning, so our collaboration may work yet! She gave me some notes on her thoughts of the book itself so far, which is super helpful, as well. Get you an artist friend so they can double as your cover artist and a beta-reader. I’m cracking codes left and right.

After that, I watched yet more TV, called a friend (I think I’ve called more people in the last 3 days than I have in the last year combined), and now here I sit.

Drinking tea.

Oh, yeah, I have had so much tea in the last two days.

At least I’m hydrated though, huh?

Aside from tea, I have so much food. You guys don’t even know. My aforementioned friend Leni sent me up with a massive care package, because she is a delight, and then my sister and Nana both also contributed, and there was a little goodie bag from the school upon my arrival. Between all of those, in no particular order, we’re looking at:

  • 1 bag of Haribo gummy bears (the bag finished off as I wrote this)
  • 1 tupperware full of gluten-free blondies (courtesy of my sister)
  • 1 container dried apricots
  • 1 bag of dove chocolates
  • 1 bag of kettle corn (yet unopened, because I know that, when I open it, it will last mere hours)
  • 1 box of tea
  • 1 loaf of gluten-free bread (in the freezer in order to last until I have things to accompany it)
  • 12 packets of instant coffee
  • 1 little package of chocolate covered acai berries (devoured)
  • 19 (!!) granola/power bars, three varieties represented

I also had veggie lasagna, courtesy of my border-picking-up-friend because she is too kind, but that was my dinner tonight so now it is naught but an empty tupperware. I could honestly live here without food delivery for, like, a month.

What will the rest of my night look like, you ask? Oh, well, with a thrill ride like this day has been, there can only be more adventure in store. I was thinking about drawing something, watching more TV (shocking!), maaaaybe making some Psychnomast tweaks while I have notes on the brain, and then making sure I’m in bed by 11:00. If I don’t, I will just allow myself to become completely nocturnal.

I do hope this is entertaining in some fashion. Even if it’s not, well, sucks to be you, because this is the blog for eleven more days.

I’m taking you all down with me!

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