Promises, Promises

So, I started writing with Dwyn again and now I can’t stop. I’m just collecting little vignettes of her. Who knows whether I’ll use them or not? They’re a dandy time, regardless.

This is one of the longer ones. ‘Tis her facing her fear of water (read: drowning in the water, more specifically). If you read Suo Gan at all, you’ll recall that she a) never liked water and b) almost drowned, which didn’t exactly help her negative feeling on the subject.

Do enjoy. (There is also Cadoc being cute, because I missed him quite a lot, too).

Dwynwen stepped gingerly into the water, and it lapped over her feet. She tried to will her thundering heart to calm. By Annwn, she hated water. She’d never liked it – that floatiness others found so freeing made her feel frighteningly out of control – and people drowned so often. She never understood the people who would go into the water for fun.  

Speaking of which: Cadoc was splashing around like an exuberant fish several body lengths from her, where the water began to deepen. She got nervous every time he went under; which he did just now.  

She peered into the cloudy surface and tried to make out his form, but couldn’t. As she got more nervous, she even stepped up to her knees. Dwyn was just about to call his name when he surged up in front of her and spewed water from his mouth into her face before he fell back into the water, cackling, floating on his back. 

Dwyn scowled and wiped the water out of her eyes. “That’s disgusting,” she snarled, crossing her arms. “And here I was worrying you’d gone and drowned.” 

“How silly of you,” teased Cadoc. “Now come on, a little deeper. It’s a lake, no current. I’m right here. You’ll be fine, I promise.” 

“I don’t like this.” 

“I know. But you’ve got to get comfortable in water, or you really might drown next time you find yourself in it unexpectedly.” 

“What if I just never go near water?” 

“You know very well that’s impossible.” 

“Willing to put money on that?” 

“Come along, Dwyn. Now isn’t the time for your digging your heels in. You promised you’d let me take you in the water.” 

Dwyn’s scowl deepened. “Yeah, well, now that I’m here, I’m remembering how disinterested I am in letting myself get killed by a stupid puddle.” 

Cadoc sighed. “Well, we’re here. I’m going to go float over there, and you let me know when you’re ready to come a little deeper.” 

Dwyn stood. She didn’t move, uncross her arms, or relax her scrunched up expression. She glared at Cadoc as he relaxed into the water and floated further and further away, his starfish-splayed body floating in slow, easy circles.  

As she looked at him, her scowl lessened. She sighed. She had promised, and she was nothing if not a person of her word. 

So, cautiously, and feeling out every step ahead of her, she began to walk deeper into the lake.  

Cadoc spluttered at the water splashed into his face and started, standing on the silty bottom of the lake. He grinned at the sight of Dwyn, the obvious culprit of the water in his face, standing up to her shoulders in the water. Her long, brown hair floated up around her shoulders, and she looked even less earthly than normal. 

The grumpy scowl on her face, however, was par-for-the-Dwynwen-course.  

Cadoc resisted the urge to praise her for coming this deep. He knew, in her current mood, she would never in a lifetime believe the praise sincere. Instead, he let the smile do the complimenting and said, “First thing you’re going to want to know is how to float. But we can go a little shallower for that, actually.” 

He pushed through the water past her, going to where it was waist-deep, smiling at her grumbling her way after him. Cadoc didn’t mind the poor attitude; it was just him, Dwyn, and a peaceful, glassy lake.  

He didn’t think he could get more content.  

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