It’s That Day Again

It’s Valentine’s Day! The day originating from the beheading of a Catholic saint who tried to convert the Emperor so Roman Soldiers could legally get married.

Woohoo! Love!

I’m not entirely opposed to Valentine’s Day, like some people. I think it’s pretty cute, and I’m all about chocolate and flowers. However, still not quite sure how it originated.

Well, that’s kind of true for every secularized holiday, though, isn’t it? Christmas: originating from the birth of Jesus, now about presents, Santa, and christmas trees. Easter: originating from the death of Jesus, now about a magical candy-bearing bunny, egg hunts, and some seriously killer jelly beans.

I think it’s just a people thing. Take a big event, make it into something that makes us happy and loved. Because that’s really what Valentine’s Day is about, celebrating love; which isn’t a bad sentiment, of itself. Love’s a good thing, it’s very important to have, whether romantic, familial, or friendly.

Which is why I still give Valentines to people. They’re cute, and I like to let them know I like them. I handed out some pretty bomb Disney Princess ones today, and, though the main appeal to my friends may have been the candy that came with them, it made me feel good to do it.

So,  maybe that’s how you should spend Valentine’s Day–do something nice that makes you feel good, too. Because you know what other kind of love is important? Loving yourself.

I mean, don’t take it to a Narcissus-level, though, that’s just creepy.

Long story short–happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

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