Yeah, It’s a Funny Story …

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve posted zip for over a week. This probably affects you very little, but it kind of makes me sad. I was rather looking forward to my new posting schedule and style, and I haven’t gotten to try it out yet.

Actually, I even sat down and started one of my short stories for you. But then, something rather unfortunate happened. It was annoying, painful, and rather saddening. Shall I tell you all what happened? Should I? Shall I? I think I shall!

Here’s what happened:

Monday afternoon, I had just finished PE. I believe I’ve already griped on here about how both my main hall locker and PE locker are on the bottom.

So, the bell rings, and I’m still putting on my shoes. My school is pretty strict about being on time to class, and I really don’t want detention, so now I’m in a hurry.

The Sophmore girls come in for seventh period PE and start getting ready. I hurry up even more. I finish tying my shoes, grab my bag, stand up as fast as I can–


One of the Sophmore girls had left the locker above me open. I stood for a minute, dazed, blinking the stars out of my vision. I had hit where my nose meets my forehead. It kind of hurt a lot.

I didn’t see if any of the Sophmores had noticed, and I didn’t care to find out. I hightailed it out of the locker room and practically ran to my seventh period class. (I later discovered that, in my daze and haste, I had dropped my bag. Not really relevant, but it was rather unfortunate).

I got to seventh period and whipped open the camera app on my iPad. My nose was pretty red, though not swollen, and boy, did it hurt!

“I think I broke my nose,” I muttered. The girl in front of me turned around, kindly concerned.

“Wait, really?” She located the inflamed area in question and looked concernedly at it.

“Yeah. Locker.”

She winced. “Geez. I hope it isn’t broken. You might want to go to the office … ”

I didn’t. Well, for ten minutes of class. That was a mistake.

I had to go up to Mr. L, who is a tad hard of hearing, and tell him why I needed to go to the office. I tried to be discreet about it.

“Hi. I, um, hit my head on a locker in sixth period. I think I may have broken my nose. Could I go to the office to get some ice, please?”

“Sorry, what? I couldn’t quite catch that.”

I had to repeat myself. Loudly. The entire class now knows that I’m a spas who injures herself on locker doors. I mean, they were bound to find out eventually, but seriously?

Anyway, I went to the office, got some ice, and called Dad. He couldn’t come and get me until the end of the day, but that was, at this point, only half an hour away, so that wasn’t too bad.

I got in the car and we decided that even if it was broken, there was nothing that a doctor could do for it, so we’d just ice it and hope for the best.

You think the story ends here, don’t you? Oh, no. Just wait. It gets better.

I woke up on Tuesday, with a terrible headache. I took ibuprofen. It didn’t go away all day.

Dad picked me up early from school for a dermatology appointment and he brought me Tylenol and a Diet Pepsi. Nope. Still had a headache.

So, that evening, I saw a doctor. He told me to do a, b, and c. I did a, b, and c.

“You seem pretty logically intact, but your reaction time is slow and your persistent headache are telling me that you have a minor concussion. Just rest for a couple of days.”

I didn’t rest for a couple of days. I worked through it.

That was a big mistake.

Come Thursday, I was dying. I was barely conscious in my classes, and I suspected that I was coming down with a virus as well.

I was avoiding reading and using screens as much as possible, but it wasn’t going too well.

So I stayed home on Friday.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I got concussed and was limiting my reading, writing, and technology usage. So, everything that this blog is.

I suppose I didn’t really have to write an entire story about it, but I’m only just recovering and I’m suffering from reading/writing deprivation, so … . You’re welcome.

Anywho, I’m feeling loads better and I’ll get back to writing some stories and then, perhaps, we’ll be able to try out the new posting style.

As always, like, comment, follow … you know the drill. Only do it if you really want to; it’s not about the numbers, it’s about me getting an idea of what you like.

3 thoughts on “Yeah, It’s a Funny Story …

  1. Oh my goodness! Ouch! I’m glad you are feeling better now.

    I had noticed you weren’t posting, but I have been so busy the past week, so it’s okay!

    I look forward to reading the short story you are working on.

    Liked by 1 person

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