All I Know is Applications

I spent September-November looking for and applying to jobs. I then, finally, found one. One kabillion applications later.

Then I procrastinated looking for new schools to transfer to until … a week ago.

When I found out that deadlines are a thing (not for the first time, just an unwelcome reminder) I received an extreme dose of motivation to figure out what the fresh heck I’m going to do next fall.

So I found six schools. And I thought about narrowing them further … but then I saw all but one accept CommonApp. And none of them charge application fees.

So I figured, why not apply to all of them, and let them convince me to attend, rather than the other way around?

A great plan in theory.

Now, halfway through filling out the CommonApp info, I am mildly regretting this choice. (I’m going through with it. I’m too deep now to turn back, and I think it’s still a good idea in general).

When I did this in high school, I thought that was the only time I’d be doing it. So I kind of forgot how mind-numbing and awful it is. The same questions and answers over and over, the absolute headache of ordering transcripts (worse now that I have university ones to worry about rather than just the high school ones).

Tomorrow, my game plan is to write my personal essay. Then condense it for the schools that only want a micro-essay/personal statement. Then upload the full version to the ones who do that. Then, if I have any more applying energy left, start the singular application for the school that doesn’t accept the CommonApp. Joy.

But do you know the most concrete indicator that I’m getting myself together and planning my future again?

A brand new planner is on its way in the mail to me. Joy!

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