I’m All Done!

Well. With step one.

As of last night, when I gave it its last read-through and edit, all of my worldbuilding for the-book-series-that-has-to-do-with-Suo-Gan is done.

I have a really solid world (the magic and religious systems, in particular, make me rather happy) and, actually, the bare bones of my plot. Or so I think. I’m very excited, I think things will go incrementally faster now. I’m especially excited about the plot ideas I’ve got, because before this I had only a few half-formed ideas and now everything is nearly clear. Like blinking my contacts into position.

The plan:

  • Plot series.
  • Break into number of books.
  • Detail-work the plot for book 1 (if necessary. I’m almost thinking I might go with a more bare plot and let the story take me, because that’s what worked before. Maybe that’s my magic ingredient. Remains to be seen).
  • Do character work, particularly for the ever-elusive Cadoc.
  • Write book 1!

I’m hoping to get through at least character work by the end of June. I think it’s doable. We shall see.

I keep wanting to post some of the worldbuilding and plot things that I’ve worked out for you guys to read, but there’s nothing that wouldn’t be either boring or spoiler-y. It is a struggle, guys, a struggle. Guess you’ll just have to wait until I have a finished book to give you.

That’s all, really. A small writer-y update. Other than that, classes have begun for me, and they’re going fine. I took a lighter course load, so now I keep applying for jobs because I have a serious problem. I need workaholic help. Between school and the book, if I get the job I just applied for, I shall be truly busy.

C’est la vie! We shall see.

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