A Compilation of Life’s Irritations

Still haven’t missed a whole month at once, yet, so don’t even talk to me about it.

This list was spurred by Gmail changing their icon, which unduly irritated me today. It set me thinking of those little things that are just so frustrating when they have no right to be, by all estimations of individual sanity. Here is that list.

1. When your hair tie snaps halfway through tying your ponytail.

2. When the eraser just smears the lead around. Bonus points if it also tears the paper.

3. Globs of toothpaste in the sink.

4. Adding paper(s) to a binder, and the punched holes just don’t quite line up.

5. When the sauce from one food leaks into an un-sauced food. (I don’t like my food to be tainted).

6. Clothes slipping off the clothing hanger.

7. Realizing the article of clothing you’d planned to wear is still dirty – and it’s in the bottom of the hamper, so there’s no pretending that it’s not stinky.

8. The spoon that falls into the garbage disposal.

9. Your sock slipping off inside your shoe.

10. The garbage bag slipping off and disappearing into the abyss of the trash can.

11. A pen running out of ink halfway through a sentence (or, bonus points, halfway through a word).

12. Cross-threading a screw-on lid.

13. When you still can’t hear what they said after your third “What?”.

14. Stepping in a wet spot in your socks. Bonus points if it’s a wet spot on the bathroom floor.

15. When the Bluetooth won’t stay connected – but it won’t stay disconnected, either.

16. Trying to plug something in blind and not being able to find the socket.

17. Realizing you’re not logged into the wifi hours after being home.

18. Missing a solid strip of hair all the way up your leg. (Maybe you don’t shave your legs and you’re blissfully unaware of this irritation. If so, your life is approximately 0.03% happier than mine).

19. The default response “I know” to whatever it is that I just said. (You didn’t know! You didn’t know that I really like sushi! I know you didn’t know! It’s ridiculous, I’m fully aware it’s just a knee jerk conversational response, but boy howdy does it irritate me).

20. Burning the roof of your mouth or your tongue on a toasty beverage that you were greatly anticipating.

We’re going to leave it there for now. I could keep going – like, really, I am a person who is irritated by a truly outrageous number of things – but 20 is a nice, round number and the list is nicely cathartic as it stands rather than spurring my irritation.

So, this seems like a good place to end.

My extended absence, as always, is a result of my overloading my life into a hectic whirlwind of sleep-deprived busy-ness. I may, at some point, fill you all in on what that hectic whirlwind of sleep-deprived busy-ness has been entailing for me, but today is not that day.

For now, we shall just ruminate on the small, petty irritations of life. And we shall acknowledge that it is okay to be pettily irritated by things. And then we shall move on.

Love you, write soon (“soon” is relative).

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