Chronicling My Quarantine: Day 10

Want to know what time it is? After 10:30, that’s what. I feel like you’re all (rightfully) losing faith in me right now. Fair enough, really. Here we go.

Day 10

I woke up at 8:30! But then I fell back asleep and didn’t wake back up until noon. It’s the greatest wake-up failure since the aftermath of The Tempest news.

Today was really slow and I didn’t get much done. All the student leaders and RAs started their orientation today, and moved in, so it was really busy on campus. The busiest it’s been since I got here.

Additionally, several people I love very dearly either were on campus today or were out of quarantine today. So I had oh so many window visitors today!

My friend Ella and I talked for two and a half hours through my window. It was lovely catching up with her, I missed her very deeply. In the course of that, a few other friends came by and said hi. I saw Andrea a bit, since it’s her first day of freedom, too.

That all went on until almost 4:00, which was really most of the day. I worked until about 9:00 and got actually a lot of worldbuilding done. I have a fun, rudimentary-first-draft map made! I also have a lot of details about the world hammered out, and am currently working on figuring out magic and religion, because those are some tricky bits.

Since five hours of worldbuilding is quite a bit, I went to go monologue searching, but right as I did, one of my closest friends texted me asking if I was allowed outside so we could catch up.

So I sat with her and we had just the loveliest time, which took us to nearly 11:00, which is where we’re at now. So yet another monologue-less day, but I am pleased with the worldbuilding progress I made. And it was nice to have so much people-time today, even if it was mostly through my window.

I will admit, I have been getting a little bit lonely in this room by myself.

I think my last four days will be harder and easier because of all the people; now that campus is busier, I think it will feel a little more bitter to have to stay inside with so many people moving freely. But a lot of my friends are back, and I think it will be so nice to have more people to have my outside time with.

But, four days! That’s not very many at all!

Also not very many to actually reach my sleep-schedule goal. If I can do it even once, I’ll be pleased.

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