Chronicling My Quarantine: Day 9

Please. Explain myself to me. At 7:03 pm, I was so freaking tired that I thought to myself, “At my first reasonable opportunity, I am going to go to bed for the night.”

Here I sit, at 11:48 pm, certainly not asleep.


Day 9

So, did I wake up at 8:00 am? The burning question you’re all starting in with, I’m sure. (My days are only marked by whether I’m succeeding at my bedtime now. What a sad fact).

Well, yes! From a certain point of view, I did wake up at 8:00.

I got up, turned off my alarm, and went back to bed with my phone in my hand, intending to lay there for juuuuust a little while before I got up to face the day. I thought to myself, “It’s Saturday. Maybe I’ll start my day with some outside time.”

Next thing I knew, I was waking up at 10:30.

So, I mean, not a real win.

My hair was greasy enough to have a fish-fry with (remember my comment yesterday about how self-care seems obsolete in quarantine?) so I had a shower. Shaved my legs, because yeah, I’m motivated like that. Put in contacts and put on a dress, because YEAH, I’m MOTIVATED like THAT.

(The real reasons are I get tired of wrestling with the glasses + mask combo and I just didn’t want to put on pants, and a dress is the acceptable way to do that. But we can pretend it was for the sake of being put together).

Then I had what, I suppose at that point, was my brunch. (Though what I wouldn’t give for some yummy yummy brunch food, because that is not what I had … ) While I ate, I watched an episode of Community, because that’s just what I watch during meals now. It’s become its own ritual at this point.

Then I finished making my notes be all together! It is now one big document, though I did pare it down from around twenty pages to a more manageable [excuse my while I open the document to look] oh. Nineteen. I’m sitting at nineteen. I swear to you, when I started typing that sentence, I thought I’d gotten it down to something like eleven pages. Maybe I started with more pages than I thought I did? I’m just saying, I did a lot of deleting, combining, and streamlining!

Anyway. Nineteen pages of notes on Welsh folklore.

Partway through that process, I took a break and went for a walk around the pond with my friend. It was nice. It was extremely nice out today, sunny and warm without being too hot, and the pond is very alive with all its greenery and blossoms right now. It was good outside time.

(My day now consists of very little: try to wake up on time, meals with TV, be depressingly unproductive on daily goals, outside time, and try to go to bed on time. “Outside time” and “meals with TV” are extra depressingly exciting times of day).

When I got back, I finished up my notes-ing. Then I … sat and looked at it. It was a little after 4:00. I had a lot of day left, and still more than an hour until dinner would be delivered to be a convenient distraction for me.

The next step was to start worldbuilding. But … where to start? How to start?

I called my mom instead of starting.

(Even more stupid, I could have procrastinated worldbuilding by looking for a monologue, something else I need to be doing and still haven’t done. But no, I chose to actually procrastinate for real, which actually, I don’t do very often. Ugh).

However, it was a nice chat, and it burned up the time until dinner, my next convenient distraction. Dinner and TV! Whoo!

After that, I’d had time to let my gears start spinning, and they spun to the very obvious: “Just look up a worldbuilding template online. You know someone’s made one.”

So I did, and I picked one I liked. My plan is to complete this one as a general framework, maybe Frankenstein it with another one I found that hits on slightly different details, and then go in and fine-tune it with my own questions and world-specific little touches. Then I will have the ultimate world.

(Perhaps not, but I will hopefully have a rather solid world for my purposes).

At around 8:00, I went outside and talked to Andrea for about an hour, whereupon we said goodnight and went inside. Where we talked for another hour. Whereupon we said “Didn’t we say goodnight an hour ago? We’re the worst! Goodnight for real!” And actually parted ways.

Since it was 10:00, I very reasonably concluded I no longer had time to continue worldbuilding or look for my monologue, as was my original plan for the evening.

So I watched Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe. 

Because I definitely had time for that.

But listen, I looooove Phineas and Ferb. And not even wholly as a childhood nostalgia thing; I still watch it. It’s a good show. The other P+F movie? I’ve watched it multiple times, I quite enjoy it. I was pretty darn excited for this one, and I was planning to watch it anyway, and I’m an adult, I don’t HAVE to go to bed at 10:30!

So I watched it.

I’m sure you’ll be interested to know my thoughts:

It was okay. Honestly, I thought it was missing a little of the zest of the original show. Just a little; it felt like they pushed some bits a little too hard and didn’t quite put as much thought into the story. And the music wasn’t as excellent. However, it pulled itself up a little in the third act with a fun resolution, song, and nice moral. (They have a very wholesome scene that was just oh-so Phineas and Ferb, and that redeemed it for me).

It acted mostly as a fan-service homage, but hey, I’m the target audience, so I walked away pleased for the most part.

That is literally my whole day. Was this series even a good idea? I ask myself that every post.

I am wildly jealous of Andrea because she’s free tomorrow. To walk in the open air with no mask (albeit six feet from people), to leave her room whenever she wishes, to procure her own food.

It’s only fair and mathematically correct; she started five days before me, so she gets out five days before me. But everyone should have to suffer WITH me, don’t they know that? I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Anyway, though, it is now almost a quarter after 12:00 and I did set my alarm for 8:00 (though I’m seriously contemplating scrollin’ that baby forward to 8:30), so I truly must take to my bed.

But we’re on the homestretch. Day 9? Psh, practically 14! Only 5 more sleeps. I can do it.

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