Chronicling My Quarantine: Day 8

I forgot to tell you something about yesterday! My BC Government Quarantine Babysitter called me! ‘Twas while I was eating dinner with Andrea.

He was actually extremely chipper and friendly, he was kind of nice to talk to. It was just making sure I knew I was meant to be quarantining, confirming that I was and where I was, making sure I had my food/necessities taken care of, and making sure I was doing alright emotionally and such. (A nice touch, I thought).

He said I’d get another call in about 5 days just for another check in. Okay, man. I’m still wondering about whether I’ll get a real, live agent asking me to wave through my window. That intrigues me.


Day 8

The day actually begins right at the start, 12:00 am. I was tossin’ and turnin’, man. I could not for the life of my fall asleep. I tried and tried until about 2:00, but it just wasn’t working.

I was verklempt! (And not in a nice way). I had all the show-sads, and being alone with them had sent me into a downward spiral of recalling every sad thing that’s ever happened (a-la “why did the Titanic have to sink?”). I just couldn’t calm my brain down to sleep.

So I went for a walk.

I rolled out of bed, pulled some pants and a sweatshirt on, donned those birks and out I went.

It occurred to me about halfway from my building that, perhaps, I should be a little more wary of going for a walk all alone at 2:00 am.

But I live on what may be the safest campus known to man; and this particular safest campus has, like, nobody on it right now.

It was so peaceful.

It was cool out, but not cold. I could see the stars. There was a little breeze that swayed the leaves a little; the geese were firmly roosted and far away from me. I felt like the only one alive.

I walked for a while and sat on a bench for a little while more and just breathed, and it felt a lot better. I walked back, taking my time, and went back to bed, where I fell asleep no problem.

I forced myself awake at 9:00, which may not seem to bad, but on less than 8 hours of sleep I am not high-functioning. (I very much value my sleep, fellas).

Something I’ve discovered about myself? When I’ve got nowhere to go, doing basic morning ready-stuff (brushing hair, teeth, washing face, you know) is a real drag. It’s like … why? Where am I going? Why do I need to be ready? Ugh.

I mean, I still do it, but you know.

I had a real leisurely-type of morning, because what deadlines am I trying to meet? I played some Words with Friends with my sister, talked to some people on the phone. Ate my thrilling breakfast of apple and apple juice. (I just need an apple candle and apple air freshener and I’ll have all the apple elements).

Then I started compiling alllllll my notes on Welsh lore, ’cause I finished the book, boys!

As I was compiling, I was talking to my sister, because it’s fun to do. And one of my very very favorite things from my notes that I sent to her:

This guy stirs up some beef at a court. Tries to seize power. It doesn’t work, so now he and all of his fellow conspirators are fugitives and the king is hunting them. Somehow, even though there is nowhere for them to go and no logical way for them to escape this king’s vengeance, they don’t get caught. How?

Well. These fellows, these mad geniuses, take to the hills. They hide away in the day and only come out at twilight and at night, where they party like mad, clad all in green.

People see them! But they see this green-clad revelers frolicking in the rolling hills under the light of the moon and think to themselves, “Mm, that certainly looks like fairies. Not gonna mess with that,” and hightail away.

They evaded capture by just pretending to be fairies! And this is not, like, from a fairytale! It’s from a history! This is supposed to have actually happened!

I’m just extremely tickled by that.

Anywho, I’ve got the notes all on paper, now, but there’s three separate documents – my own questions and musings on how I want things to fit into my world, my Welsh Fairy Book notes, and my Rhys notes – so I need to compare and contrast them and pull the important bits.

But then, do you know what?

It’s worldbuilding time!

Feeling pretty excited and a little apprehensive; the only world I’ve built was the world for The Psychnomast, which is a) not the most brilliant or complex world, and b) I built it, like, five or six years ago. I’m a little worried I don’t remember how to worldbuild or I won’t do it well.

But it’s super exciting to be ready to do it, and that’s first on the agenda for tomorrow.

Dinner! Thrilling. TV! Thrilling.

Walk with Andrea! Actually thrilling. (But nothing new in the quarantine daily agenda).

Then I came back and watch-partied Newsies with my buddy at home, which was all good fun, and that brings us to the now.

I was going to start my compare/contrast of my notes tonight, but it’s already 10:23 (almost my self-appointed bedtime) and I have been dead tired all day. So that may be a strictly tomorrow thing.

Especially if I do, truly, get up at 8:00 tomorrow (something I have not, yet, successfully accomplished).

Goodnight, sweet friends.

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