Chronicling My Quarantine: Day 5

Another boring day! Enjoy.

Day 5

I am on track for making my sleep schedule more healthy! I woke up at 8:30! Not quite as early as I’d been planning, but thoroughly in the morning time!

Next step is getting out of bed at that time, because I just laid in bed on my phone until, like, 10:00. But! The wake up time is good!

I had coffee and breakfast and went straight into reading Rhys. I read the first big fat chapter (wrapping up water mythology!), took a break and did an activity book (it’s a paint-by-numbers but with stickers instead of paint, actually very fun) while I listened to Ragtime, talked to my mom, and read my second big fat Rhys chapter (Welsh cave lore!).

Ragtime is very sad.

I love my mom very much.

While I was occupying myself outside of my phone, I missed a call. This call was from the government of British Columbia. In their message, they politely but firmly informed me that they would be calling me again tomorrow (it was impossible to call them back, so don’t try) to check in with me about my self-quarantine, and I would have to answer the phone.

Well, okay. I guess I’ll turn my ringer on tomorrow, then.

According to Andrea, an actual, live, breathing agent came by and made sure she was actually in her room, as well. So I’ve got that to look forward to, which is, actually, a tiny bit intimidating.

So stay tuned on that!

Interesting findings from Rhys! I think we’re all sort of worn out with water-based mythology (I am, and even Rhys himself made a remark about the wealth of water-based fae mythology as we departed from it). We’re spending time in caves today.

Treasure! Treasure in caves! There is, supposedly, so much treasure hiding under Welsh soil. That’s pretty standard; how it got there varies a little (usually some nobleman or wizard hid it right there), but it’s always very well-hidden.

Interestingly, the same logic that governs the sword in the stone seems to govern who discovers the treasure; there is usually some prophecy, spoken or not, of who is worthy to find the treasure. In one case, it’s to be a boy with yellow hair and blue eyes led by a silver dog (that treasure has yet to be found); in another, all the men in the village had tried to move a rock from the mouth of a treasure trove to no avail, and all it took was the nudge of a little girl’s pinky while playing on the hillside to uncover the cave.

Other than treasure, armies of the heroes of days gone by lie in wait to fight again in caves. Sometimes with treasure. Arthur’s nights? Asleep in a cave, waiting for him to rally them. Some warrior dude name Owen Lawgoch? He’s got reserves sleeping in caves waiting to fight the Saxons with him when he returns. Most of these guys will wake if a bell in the cave tolls and ask “Is the day arrived?” and if they’re answered with “No, sleep you on,” they’ll roll over and resume their slumber. If you don’t answer with that (or quickly enough), welp, then, you’ve just loosed an army on yourself.

That’s kind of a weird subset of “things hiding out in caves,” but other than that, apparently there’s supposed to be a really rich network of caves under Wales! There’s several descriptions of how there’s supposed to be a big ole network of caves that you can access through one main one.

Other than that, as I’m sure you could have surmised on your own, there are faerie caves. Caves that work as a passageway to the land of Faery, caves that faeries live in, caves that faeries lead people to so as to discover aforementioned treasure. Faeries. Caves. Faeries in caves.

The lore surrounding caves, while interesting, is a lot less fleshed out than all the lore to do with water. Wales? Very concerned with water. Oceans, lakes, pools, wells, rivers, brooks – they’ve got a tale about it. Several, in fact. With tropes that abound.

Beyond much reading, I went outside today. I neglected to do so yesterday, which proved a grave mistake, so I went out and had a nice walk and some visiting with my other quarantine friends. It was properly refreshing.

Whereupon I returned to my small room of quarantine! I edited something my dear friend sent me (it’s shaping up really quite nicely), called my sister, and here I sit. It is past my self-appointed bedtime, so I am already failing at my quest, but if I can get up at 8:00 tomorrow it’s a moot point anyway.

Who cares when you go to sleep if you hit the target wake-up time?

That’s still a healthy sleep schedule, right?

I depart. Goodnight.

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