The Outside World + Book News

Listen. A Stay at Home order was probably the worst thing to happen to my general health (other than, perhaps, getting COVID-19).

I have nowhere to go, and, in fact, am supposed to limit my occurrences of going anywhere at all ever. Every goal I’ve set for myself during this time of unemployment and break from school can be accomplished from my house – further, without me even leaving my bedroom, if I should so choose.

This means that my sojourns outside have been few and far between, to say the least. And at first, I thought, “Why is this even affecting me? I never go outside, anyway.”

BUT THERE’S THE RUB, because that’s not true!

At school, I was not only outside all the time to walk places, but I lived in the dorm building furthest from everything, so I had to walk a lot in a given day. It all added up to getting a reasonable amount of movement and exercise on a day to day basis, because I crossed campus (and, while small, campus is not that small) multiple times a day. Add in the more physically intensive classes I have to take by virtue of my theatre major, and I wasn’t doing too shabby in the getting-outside-and-moving-around departments.

Then my school year was abruptly called to a halt, as we all know, and I came home to a stay at home order. Cue me never going outside (except, perhaps, a journey to the mailbox) and the most walking I do on a day-to-day is walking upstairs in the morning.

I have been made aware of this issue, however, so I’ve been regularly exercising while home, now, so that’s good. The only thing that remains to be seen is forcing myself to go outside, but that’s gradually getting better, too. (I even worked out outside today, too – a revolutionary concept, blew my mind).

Anyway. That’s an extraordinarily boring life post for you, but life isn’t exactly thrumming with excitement at this precise moment. Maybe use it as a reminder to  gauge your own getting-outside-and-moving-around-ness. I hear fresh air’s good for us or something.

Mildly exciting news: I think I’m on the true (and this is truly truthful this time) home stretch with The Psychnomast. I’ve been working on it every day for almost a week now, and you know what’s crazy? When you consistently work on something daily, you start to see progress!

I’ve decided that when this draft is done & polished (to a sheen as shiny as can be expected of this story), we’re closing the door on The Psychnomast. I love it dearly and am happy to see it finished, but I’ve begun to outgrow it and am ready to move on to other things. So expect further updates on that.

Speaking of which, I am playing with the idea of making it available to the public (in some way or another – mayhaps just posted in successive installments here, mayhaps in some more fancy way) when it’s finished.

I could use input on this issue. Please use one of the various ways – comment, email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. (I’m adoseofginger everywhere) – to let me know whether or not you’d be interested in the book being made available. The data point will be very useful to my decision.

Love you! Be safe! Write soon.

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