It’s Like I Didn’t Even Write Half of This

Do you know what I thought to myself, bitterly, as I opened this draft? I thought, “I wish I had some writing to share with them instead of yet another boring, observational life post.”

Then I remembered that there’s an easy solution to that: I just need to, you know, write something. Huh. Wild. Maybe I’ll do that.

Anyway, that’s not actually what this boring, observational life post is about. It’s about how this blog has been around for five years. That’s quite a while when you realize it’s relative to my total life experience, which, as of this day, is not extremely extensive. 5 years is just about a quarter of my life thus far. (As time goes on, I become less and less scrupulous about what I reveal about myself on here. But come on – the tone of this silly blog is not particularly old, and y’all literally went through most of High School with me).

I’ve also posted at least one (1) time per month since July 2015, resulting in a total of 317 blog posts once I publish this one. (Have I adhered to a schedule? Not at all. But I have never missed a month! That is what I will cling to).

Sometimes, for fun – and instead of taking any amount of initiative and actually producing new content – I like to troll through my stats, insights, and archives. And let me tell you, fellas, 317 blog posts is a lot for one person to produce.

A couple days ago, I was participating in my favored blog-centric activity of not making anything new, and there is a massive blank spot in my memory for, like, the central 100 posts on this blog.

It all started because my stats told me that February of 2017 was my most successful month on this blog, so I went to go see what I’d written in February of 2017 that was so popular to all you people. (Side note, it was not one of my more productive blog months, so quantity is not necessarily indicative of blog traffic. Just saying).

And February 2017 was a pretty decent batch of content! A nice mix of life & writing, a li’l pithy. Good for me, I guess.

But I remembered writing approximately none of those blog posts. This sent me down a rabbit hole, and I remember very few of the blog posts that fall in the middle section of my archives. I mean, I recognize the writing; I remember the life events that they reference; but the actual writing-and-then-posting-on-the-internet part tends to escape me.

It’s like there’s this ghost writer who writes about half of my content, but the ghost writer is just me. A little bit of a weird reading experience. (Also, the ghost writer is very touch-and-go as far as quality is concerned. Sorry, ghost writer).

This blog post is much more mediocre than it was in my head. Darn. Well, I’m nearly 500 words in, so there’s no turning back now. This is what you get.

Maybe I was more concerned with quality control in February of 2017. Maybe that’s the ticket to success – not just pressing “publish” on a stream-of-consciousness post and only proofreading 3% of the time. Hm. Guess we’ll never know.

I’ll have a writing snippet for you next time, that might actually be interesting reading material. We can look forward to that together.

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