The Cleanest Christmas Ever

As you all know (due to my incessant whining and resistance to change), this year has been the end of an era and the beginning of a new one for me.

This was further solidified by my coming home for my first Christmas after moving away from living in my parents’ house full time.

It is currently very surreal for me to be home – or is it just my parents’ house, now? Here lies the dilemma. It all feels so normal. My room feels like my room; my family is my family; our Christmas traditions have remained. I’m meeting up with all my high school friends and it feels like we haven’t even been apart.

But in the back of my head there’s this constant awareness of the new normal I created at school. My dorm room is my room; my dorm mates are my family; and I have a whole new group of friends. It all feels like I’m leading a very odd double life.

Beyond the dramatics, it is very good to be home. Some things don’t change: I’m causing every single male in my household great distress my forcing them to clean up after themselves. Some choice quotes from my good kinsmen since I’ve been home:

“I think your personality is ‘clean,’ Emma. If there’s even just five things on the floor, you make us put them away!”

“Emma’s so control-freaky and pushy! If she sees something left out she’ll just shove it away some place!” (Regarding me PUTTING AWAY BOOKS).

“UUUUUUGH. You’re making me put away my pencils AGAIN?”

And the like. But the house is neat, gosh darn it, and that’s how I like it. (Just don’t look at the kitchen. That’s where my determination ends. I can only make them redo the counters so many times).

Anywho, I’m having a jolly good time, and Christmas was absolutely lovely. I love Christmas, and this one was a particularly excellent one. The first gift I unwrapped was – and hold your breath, for it’s a good one – from my mom. It was massive, puzzling through the wrapping paper. I had not even the faintest guess as to what it was.


It was…


If you recall, mine was stolen in the great dorm heist of 2019. It caused me great distress. My laundry journeys have been both less joyful and less efficient since it was taken from me callously and, even more cruelly, not returned.

But now I have another!

I am way too excited to have received a laundry basket for Christmas, but there it is.

I have learned from my previous laundry mishap, however. I plan to take a sharpie and write a running dialogue around the rim of the new laundry basket about the past tragedy, my ownership, and the need for longevity of this one. (Also I plan to never leave it unattended).

Of course, I also received other Christmas offerings – many books, some movies, chocolates, bracelets from my little brother. It was all very good.

That’s…all, I guess. Hope you all had a marvelous Christmas as well.

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