And That’s A Wrap

“Emma, your blog is looking kinda dead.”

“Hey, I know you’re busy, but your blog is just sad.”

“Want to write a blog post?”


I’m writing this, and then we’re gonna decorate this place for Christmas, and maybe I’ll even write more than one post during my three week break. That’d be real crazy, wouldn’t it?

Semester was good. I know you were all just burning to know. The two finals that I’ve gotten graded I did really well on, and I feel pretty good about the other three. Baby’s first finals season was stressful (and I’m ready for a nap), but I’m feeling good. I learned a lot, I’ve grown a lot even in so little time, and I’m ready to go back for even more – after a short break.

It’s so nice to be home. I started to miss it a lot in that last week, when everything was so slow going (outside of the oh-too-short hours when I was in an exam). The lights are up, the tree is decorated, the baking is wafting through the house as we speak*. (The smell, I mean, not the actual baked goods).

It’s my favorite time of the year and I am happy to be back around my family. My brothers yelled up the stairs, “Oh, Emma’s here? Hey, Emma,” when I got home and my parents hugged me. Then my mom asked me to go grab her an ingredient from the basement fridge.

That’s home, baby.

My semester was chock full of things that happened – exciting, mundane, amusing, embarrassing – and I didn’t tell you most of them, because I was so busy experiencing. So I’m thinking, now that I’m home, I might tell you some of the stories post-occurrence. A little fly-over of the semester that caused radio silence from me around these parts.

I’d ask for your opinion, but it’s irrelevant, because that’s what I’m going to do anyway.

I’m home. I’m writing. I’m happy.

Love your lovely faces, particularly the eyes you use to read my words.

I’ll write again soon. 🙂


*I type.

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