University Isn’t Going to Be Good For My Hiatuses

I suppose you all deserve an update after that last post.

We’re three weeks into University (in Canada they don’t just blanket-statement every form of post-secondary education as “college,” apparently) as of yesterday.

“So, how’s it going?”

When all is said and done, it’s good!

We’re going to lead with the negatives and just get them out of the way really fast. This is the first time since my eighth grade year that I’ve had to start from a true Ground 0 as far as friends are concerned, and that’s a little hard for me right now. I’m in the “I have several friendly acquaintances, but no close friends” stage at the moment, and missing my family is starting to really hit as the adrenaline of something new is fading. All that to say I’m a little bit lonely. There’s also one class I strongly dislike, but that’s only one out of seven classes, so that’s a pretty good first semester as far as enjoyment/interest level. There’s always gotta be at least one icky class.

Now for the many good things!

Most obviously, I love six out of my seven classes. That’s probably due in large part because five of those are all theatre- or arts-oriented, and I’m a sucker for some good arts education. The last one is my Old Testament class, and I totally love my Prof. It’s also really interesting for me to see the Bible, something that’s been around my whole life, approached in a totally different context. It hits all the right nerd buttons for me.

Socially, apart from the “no close friends loneliness,” I’ve met a lot of really good people. This campus has a really great atmosphere as far as being friendly and welcoming, so that’s nice. I also forced myself to go to a lot of social things that I maybe didn’t want to go to during the first week, and had a surprisingly great time at a lot of them.

Most notably, I’m feeling very at home at the Catholic College that’s on campus. The people are my people in a very comforting way, and I’ve been going to Daily Mass, which I’m finding to be a very nice (and increasingly important) part of my day. It gives me space to catch my breath and think and relax. And, you know, God time is always good.

And don’t get freaked out by the leading loneliness remark; I’ve made the connections that will become friends. It’s just a matter of closeness, and that only comes with time. I know that, and I’m fine – it’s just something that puts a gal in a little bit of a funk sometimes. Hug withdrawal is a real thing, y’all.

I love all the academic stuff. I knew I would, but I’m really taking this whole “I like to learn” thing to a new, even nerdier level. I have a highly detailed homework schedule to get everything done and stay on top of my whole semester, and I love my time in class, and I feel so rewarded after I study. (I know, I know, what a geeky thing to say. But we all knew this was the kind of person I was prior to this, didn’t we?)

What else? Well, the dining hall is terrible at providing me with protein. But that’s what a dorm-stash of protein bars are for. And there are french fries every day, so I can’t be too discontent. (I’m doing a less-than-commendable job refusing my french fry desires. Something to work on).

My roommate is not, in fact, insane or an ax-murderer. So: check and check on my “acceptable roommate” list.

I have not written a word since I got here – that wasn’t a deficiency reserved just for the blog – mostly because of the aforementioned hectic nature of the newness. Now that I’m settling into more of a rhythm, I’m hoping I can write a little more – both here and on the other projects.

I won’t be able to write nearly as much as I did in High School, but I knew that would be the case long before I got here. (I’m going to go work on The Psychnomast after I publish this – the STUPID SCENE I’m on has been weeks in the writing at this point, I want to finish it before classes tomorrow).

I don’t know. Is that everything needed in an “I made a huge life change” update?

I think so. If you have any questions, comment them. I’ll let you know what’s what. That’s all for now – my manuscript calls. I’m in mild writing withdrawal, gotta get that fix.

PS – Nana, I’m going to send you an email this week. I promise I didn’t forget. 🙂

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